restructuring and insolvency

When a company gets into financial strife, its directors ultimately have to decide whether to save the business or bring it to an end. The options for going down either path can be daunting. It’s why decision makers need the best advice possible to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone affected – the company, its creditors, management, shareholders and staff.

Our Restructuring and Insolvency lawyers have extensive experience working in an area that’s highly regulated. It’s where intense technical knowledge and detailed process goes hand-in-hand with industry experience, negotiating skills, lateral thinking and a commercial mindset.

Working with companies and their corporate and financial advisors, our national team identify and implement solutions to problems. Each situation needs a different approach, and working the process from every angle helps us navigate the system to help our clients achieve their needs, allowing them to get on with business in the future.

Whether it’s negotiating the recapitalisation of a company, advising directors on their obligations or assisting insolvency practitioners and receivers, our team are trusted to deliver results.



we advise insolvency clients across all areas of expertise, in particular:
advising creditors and directors on claims by insolvency practitioners
advising insolvency practitioners
assisting on complex distress asset sale transactions
litigation in all jurisdictions
ppsa advice for secured creditors and insolvency situations
restructuring options for directors and companies
working with corporate and personal insolvency appointments