international clients and inbound investments

For an international investor wanting to buy and develop assets in Australia, the rules and regulations can be daunting. Many are not aware of the number of regulatory bodies in Australia they need to satisfy, or fail to clearly understand their tax obligations. The consequences can be severe and quickly escalate into multi-million dollar disputes against government departments that can run for years, resulting in significant unplanned costs and delays in projects. Many of the issues encountered by international investors could have been avoided had they initially sought expert legal advice.

The Australian economy presents some of the most stable and attractive investment opportunities for international investors. However, international investors need advisors who can provide experienced and accurate guidance through the intricacies governing foreign investment into Australia, enabling them to focus on achieving their business goals.

With senior lawyers who have worked for government regulators and who regularly deal with major international investment transactions and tax disputes for international investors, we provide the necessary guidance for international clients. We focus on what investors want to achieve out of their investment.  With lawyers who speak a range of languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Greek, Vietnamese, Malay and Arabic, we apply a multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual approach to get them there.


anti money laundering and proceeds of crime legislation
amit, mit, esvclp, vclp, corporate limited partnerships
attribution of controlled foreign company and trust income, section 47a and division 7a
cross-border gst
foreign acquisitions and takeovers legislation
international tax funding, structuring and ato disputes resolution
multiple entry consolidated groups
property development and taxation
taxable australian real property
tax residency and double tax treaties
transfer pricing, thin capitalisation, withholding taxes