shareholder and partnership disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes are often driven by emotion. One side may feel the other isn’t working hard enough. Or maybe one just wants out. Or maybe they just don’t like each other anymore. How do you resolve the dispute and have one side leave without the business suffering?

Ultimately, you have to find a way to break up the partners that satisfies everyone and enables the business – the most valuable asset in the dispute – to continue. A quick, negotiated agreement is usually the best option, allowing everyone to get on with their lives and with business. But sometimes litigation may be necessary.

Our lawyers recognise the toll these disputes can take – on those directly involved, the business and staff. It’s an emotionally draining distraction. Our focus is on arriving at a quick, satisfactory resolution for all sides. Ultimately, it’s in everyone’s best interests.


breach of contract or agreement
breach of director’s duty
business valuation
company wind ups
expert determination, mediation, conciliation
oppressive conduct proceedings