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Charities and other not for profits (NFPs) operate under laws unique to their sector. In striving to advance their core purpose, NFPs must manage issues around their governance, registrations, tax endorsements and legal structures, as well as day to day business challenges.

With the onset of COVID-19, NFPs now operate in an increasingly challenging environment. Many NFPs are being forced to consider additional ways to generate income and compete – including merger and acquisition activity, charity restructures, social enterprises and adopting attractive employment arrangements to attract talent.

Our expert NFP lawyers appreciate the challenging regulatory and commercial environment NFPs operate in. They understand what drives NFPs and how to help them achieve their mission. We stay abreast of developments to improve NFPs’ ability to compete for government funding, donor support and expanding the uptake of their services.

We guide many NFPs through their establishment and operational phases, with particular focus on educational institutions, public benevolent institutions (PBIs) and charities with large property holdings. Our team includes members who have worked both in NFPs and in the regulators that oversee them, leading to unique insights embedded in the nature of our advice.

We also live our commitment to the NFP sector through the Macpherson Kelley Foundation, which supports a range of charities in the education, welfare, health and international aid sectors.


we advise nfp clients across all areas of expertise, in particular:
acnc charity registration and compliance
charity structures and restructures
dgr endorsement (tax deductibility)
employment, anti-discrimination and volunteer advice
governance advice – directors’ duties, trustee changes, board disputes
governing document reviews – trusts, constitutions, rules
mergers and acquisitions for NFPs
private and public ancillary funds and foundations
school regulation advice
stamp duty, land tax and gst concessions
training in board governance, child safety, human resources practices