If an employment issue arises in the workplace you need to resolve it promptly. The longer it drags on, the greater the potential damage to not just the business, but also staff morale. There’s a risk this will then flow through to performance, customers and damage reputations.

Our team understand the need to resolve workplace matters quickly by taking a commercial and pragmatic approach. We understand the emotionally charged environment around workplace matters and the need for a level head to bring them to a satisfactory conclusion.

Our lawyers are skilled at working through various types of disputes, including unfair dismissal, adverse action, bullying and discrimination claims. We also assist clients in breach of contract matters, including the enforcement of post-employment restraints and protection of confidential information.

The team advises on compliance and assists clients in underpayment of wages claims, Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) investigations, redundancies, performance management and industrial relations matters. They also advise on workplace policies and contracts that aim to avoid disputes.

Together with our Safety and Migration teams, we deliver the full suite of employment services Australian employers need.


award compliance
bullying claims
discrimination and harassment
employment and independent contractor agreements
enterprise bargaining and industrial action
executive benefits
general protections/adverse action
human resources policies and procedures
managing fitness for work issues
managing poor performance and misconduct
restructuring and redundancies
tailored training
unfair dismissals