Running a business is more than just selling to customers. You need goods and services from other businesses to help you with your own. Contracts that set out the terms and conditions of trade establish the rights and responsibilities of businesses buying and selling to each other. If something goes wrong with a product or service, or payments aren’t made, the trading contract determines the next steps.

We know businesses just want to get on with what they do. We ensure your terms and conditions deliver what you need and that they’re up to date without being overwhelmed by complexity. Our lawyers can adapt international contracts to suit Australian conditions and manage any issues around recovering goods and debts through the Personal Property Securities (PPS) Regime. Getting your terms and conditions right means you can get on with the day to day running of your business.


advertising, promotion and pricing
contract review, advice and negotiation
distribution agreements, structure and documentation
personal property securities (pps) regime advice
terms and conditions of sale or purchases and tenders