foreign owned subsidiaries

Foreign owned subsidiaries make up a substantial part of the Australian economy, with around a third of Australia’s top 2000 companies foreign owned. While Australia may be a relatively small market, its stable political environment and rule of law make it an attractive platform to base operations throughout the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. But operating in Australia also means working in a highly regulated market. It can be a surprise to multinationals moving to Australia to learn the compliance requirements, meaning balancing the demands of overseas management and complying with local regulations is needed.

We work with more than 150 foreign owned subsidiaries across all industry sectors, assisting them with everything they need to successfully run their business in Australia – from workplace health and safety laws to intellectual property and taxation. We’ve been doing it for more than 30 years and understand the relationships between the overseas head office and the Australian subsidiary, as well as the importance of ensuring the parent is satisfied all local compliance issues are in safe hands.


we advise foreign owned subidiaries clients across all areas of expertise, in particular:
adaptation of policies and parent requests to australian market
ato concerns, particularly transfer pricing
australian employment standards
directors liability and insurance
ip registration and protection