tax and structuring

Whether you’re setting up a new business, buying one or selling out, it is important to consider how the business is structured to optimise asset protection and minimise tax. This can have an enormous impact on the business’s growth potential and profitability. Getting the business structure and tax strategy in place early sets you up for the future, protects the assets and goodwill of the business and minimises the potential for issues with the Australian Tax Office.

We want to help our clients grow. Our lawyers don’t just tell you about the law, they’re business advisors who work with you on what you need to make your business a success. Our experience with tax law and how to make it work ensures you can develop your business or get the most out of it when you want to sell.


business structure/restructuring
business succession
capital raising
consolidated groups
mergers and acquisition/demergers
property distributions and vesting
sale of business/equity
tax disputes management and resolution
tax risk management
trust structures