international experience

When your business is international you need legal and business advisors who are local, know how the law works in their market and how to get things done. You also want to have the confidence they’re on your side when you might be on the other side of the world.

Macpherson Kelley provides that confidence through our association with law firm networks Multilaw and Pacific Legal Network.

Multilaw is a global association of more than 90 independent law firms. As the only Australian member of Multilaw, Macpherson Kelley offers clients access to more than 9000 trusted lawyers in over 100 countries across Europe, Asia, US and Africa. We personally know and regularly meet with all the contact partners of Multilaw firms.

Pacific Legal Network (PLN) connects Macpherson Kelley and its clients to lawyers and business advisors from Singapore to Hawaii. A one-stop-shop for your legal and business needs in the Pacific, PLN facilitates corporate activity across the region.

With local knowledge of legal processes and cultures, PLN provides unique, on-the-ground insights enabling you to achieve your business goals.