If our people are our greatest asset then it follows that the safety of our people is critical to success.

There are two key areas our team regularly work with our employer clients. The first is presentations, training and compliance. What you need to do, should do and have to do fall into this category.

The second area is when something big or small goes wrong. From an accident with medical consequences to a fatality is where our experience, knowledge and know-how become vital to the injured, the organisation, and its directors and managers.

Our team works in both these areas constantly and include members whose reputations precede them due to their decades of quality work in safety with clients. Their skills shine brightest in the most difficult of times and our clients constantly comment on the team’s ability to calmly manage critical incidents for all concerned.

Given the personal liability surrounding safety, in an ever increasingly regulated environment, it is good to know your law firm has this critical capability at hand.


board, office and manager/supervisor training
crisis support and investigation
safety advisory
safety dispute processes, including inspector entry and prohibition or improvement notices
safety inquests and prosecutions
workcover premium advice
workers’ compensation claims